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You know that a ghillie suit can provide great camouflage for someone hunting, in war, or in a recreational situation such as paintball. But did you also know that there are ways you can make your ghillie suit even better as camouflage? Whether you make your suit yourself, or purchase a commercial type ghillie suit, added vegetation will make all the difference in the believability of your suit.

You can add vegetation from the area to your own ghillie suit to improve the camouflage of your suit. This is easy to do once you get to the area you will be in. You can simply take leaves, grass and other vegetation from the area and apply them directly to your suit. This will create a more realistic camouflage.

Many commercial ghillie suits come with additional threads attached to the outside so you can easily add your own vegetation which will hold on well while you are performing your activities. If you do not have this type of suit, you will need something to hold the vegetation on your suit while you do what you need to do.

Many people choose to sew theirs on. If you sew it, be sure you use a thread that will not shine or catch light as this will make it look unnatural. Other people use glue and in some cases, this can work as well as long as you use a type of glue that will hold, especially through the elements. A great option that many people have discovered is “Shoe Goo”. This is a commercial product that can be purchased at local stores and works like glue.

This sticky substance can be applied to your vegetation and suit to hold it on and when it dries, it will harden and does not come off easily. This is great for literally sticking on leaves and brush to fill in cracks and holes in your suit. The more cracks you fill in, the better your suit will look and the more natural it will appear while in the wild.

Remember when adding vegetation to your ghillie suit that if you will be reusing the suit, it will need to be cleaned away when you are done. Old vegetation can rot and damage your suit. Once you get back from using it, you should clean away any old vegetation so that new and fresh ones can be added later. This will ensure your suit stays clean and fresh for many more uses.

Ghillie suits are excellent for gaining a tactical advantage when hunting. We've even used them to have sniper competitions usomg steel targets from shootingtargets7.

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