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Modern warfare has changed much because of the Ghillie suit. Here is some information on the suit they never want you to see.

Not many people who know about camouflage have heard of what a ghillie suit is. You may never see it at all unless you are looking hard. The suit dates back to Scotland when landlords would hire guys to patrol their land to prevent illegal hunters. Ghillies, as they eventually came to be known, would hide in the bushes and wait patiently for illegal hunters in outfits they would make from old cloth and shredded

Today a number of activities, from military sniping to paint balling are performed in the
ghillie suit. The textiles used have changed but the concept behind the covering stays
the same. The modern day ghillie suit wearer looks like a pile of sticks when they are
being still and can remain unseen even when the opposition or target comes within a very
close range to

Ghillie suits have always been associated with sharp shooting because of their simple
concept and efficiency. About the period of the conclusion of the eighteenth century the
act of sniping started. To defeat and demoralize the enemy, rebels would pick off enemies
from far-away spots. Sharpshooters came about when weapons got more accurate and
sharpshooter could be over 100 meters from their

The implementation of shooters in military combat changed the way wars were fought.
Officers would go with platoons and give orders during battle before the massive
deployment of shooters. As more and more officers were killed, troop warfare went from
direct engagements to more sheltered, flanking techniques. To avoid being assassinated,
commanders had to try and mix in with the common troopers. These techniques took battles
from an open area to places that had more shelter for both sides such as forests or
mountains. As more vicious and hidden techniques were implemented in combat, the rules of
engagement that military men before stood by was

To pick off high-ranking commanders and to break the spirits of opposing troops during
WWI, every side had sniper ghillie suits and shooter techniques. The ability to stay unseen for
shooters lies within the ghillie suit; textiles hang down and give the sharpshooter
unbelievable camouflage protection. No matter what environment they are in, there are so
many styles of the suit that the wearer can blend in with their surroundings everywhere.
A woodlands ghillie suit, for example, would appear much different than a ghillie suit
for the



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