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Do You Want the Competitive Upper Hand? Purchase a Ghillie Suit!

Military Ghillie suits have been used for over a century in military encounters. Nowadays thousands of players are buying them to give themselves the advantage in paint ball.

Everyone has heard of a sniper before. Many times we envision a secretive, lone man in a
far-away place waiting silently for the chance to make the kill shot when we imagine them. The sharpshooter is an important thing in military affairs in probably any country on the planet. Even when the military is not deployed for a conflict and their country is supposedly at peace, sharpshooters will often be engaged in missions that their special squadron is involved in.

A sniper's list of accessories is small and to-the-point. Accessories that are totally necessary are the only things a sniper has with them because they prefer to travel very lightly. The sharpshooter carries an accessory sack that contains food, water, and emergency provisions. Cartridges and ammunition are commonly kept on the person for ease and quick access. Other belongings included may be emergency supplies, spare socks, and an assault gun for the spotter to use in case of an unexpected encounter with the enemy.

The weapon of choice for an experienced sniper is a high-powered .50 caliber rifle such as the PSG-1 or the M-21 that has been worked on to be accurate even at great distances. Because they have a lower chance of jamming up out on the field and because of the simplicity of their design, adept shooters generally prefer bolt-action guns. When the used cartridge shells are ejected from the gun, a semi-automatic gun can give a sniper's position away. A good shooter generally only needs one shot to be successful on his objective so they don't mind the disadvantage of having to reload with each shot.

The scope is just as critical as the weapon. When a sniper is attempting to make a far range shot there are many elements that will determine where the bullet actually lands. Influences that sharpshooters must ponder to make a successful shot are wind direction and speed, terrain, and whether or not the target is on the move or not. Cross hairs inside the scope pinpoint the exact position of impact and can amplify a target up to ten times. Sharpshooters don't aim right at the target with the cross hairs because factors such as the wind will make the bullet land somewhere totally different than where it was first aimed.

Nowadays a lot of ghillie suits bought by players use them in paint balling events to give themselves the advantage. The special properties makes it exceptionally difficult for competing players to see them in terrain such as brush and high grass. A ghillie suit wearing player can be very close to another player and stay undetected still. Many adept and amateur players have noticed this edge. There are types of ghillie suit styles for nearly every type of terrain now, from thick forests to dry, arid areas with a ton of dirt and desert. Wearing one of these special suits can give an average competitor a significant edge.